Our dairy farm is a medium-scale dairy farm located in Borabu, Nyamira County, in Kenya. It started operation in 2014 with a herd of 8 cows, producing a total of 226 litres of milk per year. Since then, the farm has grown to 28 milking cows producing 135,000 litres of milk per year as of 2021. The farm currently employs more than seven people for the dairy part and another ten people work for the horticulture section.


Dairy is a strategic factor in the movement of populations out of poverty. The development of the dairy sector will fight malnutrition and increase the incomes of smallholder farmers. Alifarm Organics therefore works with African farmers to help further develop the dairy sector.


Date: 06 Nov, 2014
Location: Borabu, Nyamira
Value: $25,6000